Features of Biario

Systematic approach to life management is the peculiarity of Biario.
The functions of the app open additional opportunities for goal setting, planning,
analyzing results and decision making.

Smart task structure

Easy and gradual detailing of tasks to subtasks. It will always be available to all users for free.

Multi-level scheduling

From detailed thinking out of each task to holistic vision of your future.
Flexible time management and planning for days, weeks, months, years, five-year time, life.

Visual scheduling and time tracking

Visual representation of plans and actual use of time. Fast and easy editing.

Visual reports

Collection and analysis of various performance indicators in real time. Visual representation of personal results.

Task contexts

Using contexts in tasks helps you to stay focused on important things, maintain healthy life balance and confidently move towards your goals.

Quick access to contacts and notes

Integration with Google Contacts and Evernote allows you to use your data in other tools while working with Biario. You have all information you need at hand as it is linked to tasks.

Interrelated data

The system smartly uses and binds all available data. You do not have to enter information again: integration of notes, tasks, plans, tracking and reporting provides convenient work with all the data.

To whom suits Biario

How to get all things done? What to strive for? How to plan correctly? And thousands of other questions appear in the minds of people who are striving to become masters of their lives.
Biario is not just an organizer or a planner. It gives a solution to your questions about personal productivity, success and achievements.

The application provides all needed features for efficient life management:

Only you decide how exactly the app can be useful to you: improve a certain area of life or build a plan of your success from scratch. All roles are valuable and important: business owner, busy manager, active student, freedom-loving freelancer, caring mother. Everyone has own potential and own way to success. Meet Biario as the best tool for those who strive for more.

As a result of the systematic use of Biario, you will be able to

Concentrate on important tasks and achieve your goals
Balance your life and organize it the way you want
Develop healthy habits to maintain positivity and well-being

Start managing your life with Biario

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