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Biario opens up a new approach to planning and life management.
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Smart task structure

Easy and gradual detailing of tasks to subtasks. It will always be available to all users for free.

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From detailed thinking out of each task to holistic vision of your future.
Flexible time management and planning for days, weeks, months, years, five-year time, life.

Visual reports

Collection and analysis of various performance indicators in real time. Visual representation of personal results.

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User reviews

It's great to be able to get kind of feedback from the system. I think it is vitally important for future success to be fully aware of your time distribution and how good you are at self-management. Thanks to Biario now I can see a clear picture of my own efficiency and work on what needs to be improved.


Personally I am an active user of notes! It is wonderful to have a handy tool to write your thoughts down and to be sure they won’t be lost. In the evening I typically have some time to reorganise them into tasks, think out subtasks and scheduling so I have a clear picture of what needs to be done, real feeling of time and feasibility of implementation. It is never easy to organise yourself and be realistic about your ideas, but with Biario you can really put all these personal productivity ideas into practice!


I literally use Biario to plan for all my family! I can not imagine getting all things done without my “true assistant” :) Thanks to context I can always see what areas of my life I am currently working on and keep an eye on having some space for my own development, because with small kids it is so easy to lose yourself in daily routines. I love how tasks’ features reflected in my calendar so I don’t need to go back to tasks to check details. It is all in hand, clear and convenient.


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